I was quite lucky to find many of my sources within my beginning, and main source; my book. My first source was a book named Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender and The New Racism by Patricia Hill Collins. The book is useful because it covers a wide array of topics within my own broad topic and goes into depth and detail providing sources to every study and reference mentioned. This is where I found my next series of sources, the back of the book is a filled to the brim with 54 pages of notes and the bibliography. The sources were either other books that were similar in-depth and detail but went into another specific issue within the black community as well as studies that support many of her statements.


Some of the sources have proven to be difficult to access many of them being other books that I would have to purchase unless an online source was available however this has not affected the authenticity of the source itself just increased the difficulty of me accessing them.  All of the studies that I have searched for have been easily ready, available and up to date. A few of them surprisingly provide links to other studies done on the same topic and other peer-reviewed resources which were also easy to find and contained recently published data.

My topic hasn’t changed in the least bit, (What does it mean to be Black in America?) it is broad enough that many issues and mini topics can fit underneath it. My topic first started out with the present day treatment of Black people but I realized that I had to go back much further to Africa and the first interactions White people had with the Africans and how their perceptions and views are still relevant in today’s society and affecting Black people (being gender specific). Another thing I learned that I had to consider is the post-slave and post-civil rights era and things that were occurring within the Black community that has fueled the culture we have today and how that both harms and helps us.


Overall my sources have been incredibly useful and help deepen my understanding where I needed to head with my main question as well as introducing a few sub-questions to help catalyze my research.





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