What does it mean to be black in America?

Of the three questions I’ve previously considered I found this one to be both the most broad (in order for me to examine the black community as a whole) yet specific enough to be exclusive to only one community within one country.


Specifically I want to look into the following about the black community;

How does religion affect in the white community?

Apply to the black community?

Attitudes toward sexuality and sex in the white community

Apply to black community

Black Lives Matter/All lives Matter

Assimilation comparison to stealing black culture?

Love black culture, hate black people?

How far does the oppression go?

Systematic versus daily racism

What is the new racism?

What experiences do black Americans also share with other minority populations as well as poor whites?

What are the main factors that influence racism?

Is being color blind a bad thing?

Eurocentric standards vs Afrocentric standards

White/Black connotations

Double standards for white/black

How does gender affect?

What does is mean to be black in America vs other countries

Where are black people treated the worst?

What is the new racism?

As of late (the past year or so) I’ve been quite interested in black culture and history that being part of my own culture and history. However in the school system and area in which I have been raised I have been bombarded with copious amounts of information about white culture and history. The only mention of culture for black people is hip hop, rap and basketball, and history is  slavery and civil rights. Yet, our history and culture is so much more expansive than that.

The book I have been reading for this research is called Black Sexual Politics, a book that takes a wholesome approach to a very specific topic. I’ve learned so much about my own history and background that I never even considered before due to the incredibly eurocentric approach to history in schools. The author also takes the approach that one must looks at different identities within the black identity such as being female/male, gay/straight etc. I really want to continue with this path of looking at the black identity.



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