Race and Racial Relations


The three topics I’m interested in are:
1. Race and Race Relations in the United States
2. The LGBT+ population within the Black population
3. Religion within the Black community

I’m interested in all three of these topics as a whole due to my extreme interest in what is going on within the Black community due to myself being a black female in America who is influenced by all of these things.

1. Racial relations are being exposed at a new high current day due to the amount of tech and cameras everywhere. However black men and women have been abused and killed by police for years. This is very important to me because have two younger cousins who I fear for on the daily because their skin color will be seen as a weapon.blm

2. I’m a very liberal person and an ally of the LGBT community. Dynamics of being queer in the black community is very difficult due to being a queer man as less of a man and a queer woman as less than a woman. There is a specific term used within in the black community called the ‘down low’ which is basically being in the closet.


3. As an atheist it can be very difficult being the my family. My mother is an atheist as well however everybody else in my family is either a priest or a pastor and invites us to go to church on the weekly. No one in the family is aware of my lack of religious affiliation because there is a huge stigma in this community against atheists.



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